The Book of La

One of my on-going projects for some time has been the Book of La, a collection of sheet music and lyrics for various songs I enjoy singing at events.

If you have a song which you think should be included in the next edition, and can provide or point me to sheet music and lyrics for it, please get in contact with me.

The Book of La - College War XVIII Edition

  1. Agincourt Carol - 15th century English
  2. The Ballad of Saint Aldhelm - Tune via Arbeau (16th century French)
  3. The Battle of the Dyle - Eric of Tobar Mhuire
  4. Bedlam Boys - 17th century English
  5. Black Fox - Graham Pratt (modified in Lochac)
  6. Blow Thy Horn, Hunter - Anonymous
  7. Dindirin, Dindirin - 14th century Catalan
  8. Dona Nobis - Traditional
  9. Gaudete - Piae Cantiones
  10. Follow Me Up To Carlow - Patrick Joseph McCall (19th century)
  11. Go To Joane Glover - Thomas Ravenscroft (1609 English)
  12. He That Will An Ale-House Keepe - Thomas Ravenscroft (1611 English)
  13. Hey Ho Nobody At Home - Thomas Ravenscroft (1609 English)
  14. Holde Thy Peace - Thomas Ravenscroft (1609 English)
  15. Mault's Come Downe - Thomas Ravenscroft (1609 English)
  16. Now Kisse The Cup Cosen - Thomas Ravenscroft (1609 English)
  17. Good Brother Michael - Eric of Tobar Mhuire
  18. Hammer of Thor - Thorgeirr Eikenskjald the Thirsty & Janet of Arden
  19. I Gave Her Cakes - Henry Purcell (17th century English)
  20. Loud Cliche - Eric of Tobar Mhuire & Michelle de Chenonceaux
  21. Maids, When They're Dull - Karl-Faustus von Aachen
  22. Maids, When You're Young - Anonymous
  23. The Marvellous Axe - Jhondo Oakenshield
  24. Mirie It Is - 13th century English
  25. Rose Red - probably 17th century English
  26. The Great Bels Of Oesney - Thomas Ravenscroft (1609 English)
  27. The Maide Shee Went A Milking - Thomas Ravenscroft (1609 English)
  28. The Song of the Shield-Wall - Malkin Grey & Peregryn Wyndryder
  29. St Aldhelm's Song - Crispin Sexi
  30. Sumer Is Icumen In - 13th century English
  31. There Lies A Pudding - Thomas Ravenscroft (1609 English)
  32. Twa Corbies - Anonylous
  33. Uislenn - Silfren the Singer
  34. Woad - Unknown
This is the first edition of the Book of La, produced during my time as the Seneschal of the College of Saint Aldhelm. It sprang from the College's love of singing from The Known Words, frustrated by our inexperience in the SCAdian bardic arts and The Known Words' lack of sheet music, which combined to mean we couldn't sing most of the songs as we had no idea as to tunes.

I gathered those for which I could gather sheet music, and combined them into the College War XVIII Edition, so named as I was steward of said event in AS xlvij (2012), and a free copy was given to each attendee to encourage the bardic arts at the event.

With my departure from the College of St Aldhelm, I have taken this project with me, and what was the College of St Aldhelm Book of La is becoming the House of Castle Rookwell Book of La for the next edition (currently under development).

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