Saturday, 14 December 2013

On Unusual Charges - Part I: The Fiber

R. beareth Verte, a Fiber, Argent. This beaste, Animal est emphibion, because he can live bothe on the lande and in the water, and maketh houses or dennes, arraied with wonderfull crafte, in the brinckes of Rivers, and waters, as Plinie saithe. He is also named Castor, à castrando. For he geldeth him selfe, when he perceiveth that he is persued of the hunter, and bitinge of his stones, which are marveilously good in medicines, layeth them in the sighte of the hunter, knowinge by nature, that he is hunted for the same, and so he escapeth deathe. The whiche Cicero in Scauriana affirmeth: sayinge, that he ransometh him with that parte of his bodyfor whiche he is moste pursued. Juvenall also saithe, that he geldeth him selfe, for the desire he hath to escape. This beast in shape is wonderfull, for his tayle onely is fishe, and all the other deale of his body hathe the fourme of a litle hounde. His hynder feete be as it were feete of an hounde, wherewith especially he goeth on the lande : and his twoo forefeete bene as it were the feet of a Goose, and therewith he chiefely swimmeth in the water. In runninge his is very slowe, Ob ventrem tumidum, & ad terram dendentem. His skinne is full pretious, and properly white.
Are you glad you're not a beaver in period? John Bossewell doesn't have a good life ahead for you...

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