Saturday, 23 November 2013

On Augmentations in Period - Part IV: Simplified Upon The Chief

Another interesting variation on the augmentation of arms seen in A Display of Heraldrie is that of using a chief (which is fairly standard), but with a simplified version of the royal arms.

The Fieldis Topaze, two Barres Saphire, a Chiefe quarterly, Iupiter and Mars on the first two Flowre de Lices, Sol : the second Charged with one Lion passant gardantof the last, the third as the second, the fourth as the first. This Coat belongeth to the right Honorable the Earle of Rutland, Lord Rose of Hamlake, Trusbut and Beluoire, which was giuen in augmentation to this Family, they being descended of the blood Roiall from King Edward the fourth. This also is a forme of bearing of a part in a part : for heere is abated one Flowre de Lice of the Armes of France and two Lions of the Armes of England, and borne on the Chiefe part of the Escocheon.

This provides a fascinating model for augmentations in the SCA, where a Kingdom may have a complicated coat of arms (Much as Quarterly France and England doesn't fit a narrow band well), and a populace badge which doesn't quite fit the arms properly, and thus it may be desirable to bear a reduced form such as this,

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