Saturday, 9 November 2013

On Augmentations in Period - Part II: The Fess

Returning to the subject of bearing the Sovereign's arms in augmentation, and again to John Guillim's Display of Heraldrie of 1611, we next find the fess used to bear the augmentation, in this particular case while surrounded by a bordure on the fess.

The Field is Topaze a Fesse of the Soueraigne Ensignes within a Bordure Gobonated Pearle and Saphire. This Coat-armourappertaineth to that most noble and truly Honourable, Edward Earle of Worcester, one of the Lords of the most honourable priuy Counsell, Master of his Maiesties Horse, Knight of the most Honourable Order of the Garter, and one of his Hignesse Commissioners for the Office of the Earle Marshall of England, a noble Peere, whose great vertues are euery way correspondent to the greatnesse of his place and honour.
Recalling the various fanciful systems of naming tinctures occasionally used in these treatises, we see a field Or, with a bordure gobonated argent and azure.

This form of augmentation would adapt marvellously to most Kingdom's arms, but perhaps not so well to the arms underneath: in most cases, applying a large and well-endowed fess over other arms would obscure the arms beneath in many cases. Nevertheless, a fascinating option for those who wish it.

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