Saturday, 19 October 2013

On the Nine Virtues of Chivalry

John Ferne's 1586 Glory of Generositie (part of The Blazon of Gentrie) gives the following 'Nine vertues of Chivalrie'.
Torq. I was never daintie of my cunning : of these nine vertues, foure of them beene called spirituall, and five temporall, the foure vertues spirituall be these.

1 He shall honor his father and his mother.
2 He shall not oppresse the poore.
3 He shall shew mercie where mercie is due.
4 He shall fight for the defence of the sacrifice of the great God of heaven.

Now follow the five vertues temporall.

1 He shall not turne his backe to his enemie, with intent to flie.
2 He shall truly hold his promise to his friend, as to his foe.
3 He shall be free of his hospitallitie.
4 He shall defend maidens right.
5 He shall uphold the cause of the widow.

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