Wednesday, 10 July 2013

On the Blog Itself

Hi everyone, welcome to Fiat Vox.

My name is Alexander a la Fontayne, and I shall be attempting to provide weekly posts about a number of topics as concern the Society for Creative Anachronism based on my own experiences, including heraldry, fencing, running groups, stewarding events, and a plethora of things as take my fancy. I may also provide information on the various projects I'm working on.

The blog title is my personal heraldic motto, a sort of play on Fiat Lux, "Let there be light" (or "Let light be made" if you prefer the Wycliffe version) and Vox (Latin for "voice"). I'm reasonably sure it's grammatically sound, but I am not a Latin scholar.

In general, I will be assuming that my readers are familiar with the SCA, but in case you aren't, the SCA is one of the largest medieval and renaissance re-creation groups, with a time period reaching forward to the year 1600, and as far back... well, some say 600, some say further, it's a point of some debate that will probably be the subject of a post at some stage or another.

All opinions contained herein are my own (unless stated otherwise).

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